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Our thorough apprach to quality control supports the fundamentals of ensuring our clients receive consistent, high-performance cleaning on a consistent basis. Quality is at the heart of each janitorial program we design for our clients. Therefore, we believe our quality plan is more than just results; it is our way of doing business.

Quality Assurance

Complete Apartment Services, Inc. has carefully constructed a workable, realistic system to prevent deficiencies in contracts. We will maintain an ongoing safety program that includes formal classroom and on-the-job training covering such topics as:


Comprehensive scheduling of cleaning tasks: We will carefully review the contract requirements found in the solicitation. Based on this information and our previous experience, Complete Apartment Services has outlined a workable schedule. Upon contract award, we will further personalize this outline, make a calendar of dates, and submit a comprehensive schedule (with calendar) to the client for their approval.


Types of inspections that will be performed;  1) routine inspections of daily work effort, 2) unannounced safety inspections and 3) random audits of the work. Checklists will be used in conducting each type of inspection. For inspection purposes, we will divide the building into public areas and occupied/tenant areas. All public areas are inspected and if there are any deficiencies noticed, they will be corrected ASAP.


Inspection / Follow Up

System Checklist:

Our managers will utilize a Quality Control Checklist to ensure that all tasks have been completed in accordance with contract quality requirements. This QC Checklist is the primary quality verification form to be used on all projects.

Managers To Perform


Our Project Manager will perform all three types of inspections (routine, safety, random) utilizing checklists. The checklist will be signed and dated by the inspecting individual at the time of completion. Our Managers will perform unannounced safety inspections and random audits, and our safety committee will conduct random audits of safety on the work site daily. The two Team Leaders will perform routine inspections of the work performed by  their team members, ensuring that the rooms sparkle with cleanliness.

Schedule for Completing/Re-performing: In the event that work is not in compliance with the QCP, Complete Apartment Services’ personnel will correct the deficiency immediately after notification. All corrections will be completed within one (1) business day. The employee whose area was inadequately cleaned will make the necessary corrections. Once the problem area has been completed, the Supervisor will initial the report and return it to the Property Manager who will then re-inspect the area to ensure that the proper corrective action has been taken.



Complete Apartment Services insist that their clients are completely satisfied with their professional cleaning services. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients that we serve. Customer service and quality control provide you with a thorough and effective job. That's why we at Complete Apartment Services back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you hire us for monthly cleanings or require daily services, our professional commercial cleaners provide the same detailed attention to properties of all sizes, every time, guaranteed.

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